Tuesday, February 1, 2011

People really piss me off!

I just want to take a minute to have somewhat of a rant! Something I have noticed lately, with several of my "Chronies" (ha ha get it I used Chronie instead or cronie!) Anyway I have heard several stories of people with chronic illness being looked at a "pill seekers"
This has been happening to me recently as well. I have been ill with terrible pain and nausea and vomiting and it seemed like every doctor just wanted to give me a prescription and send me home. I am still yet to know what is causing me to be ill and in so much pain. That's a whole different rant all together though.
Anyway, now when I go to the doctor they will not even prescribe me anything for pain and they seem to think that's what I'm after. I even found out by looking at my medical records that they ever performed a drug abuse screening on me. First of all let's get one thing straight. I DO NOT WANT PILLS, I DON'T WANT TO HAVE PAIN IN THE FIRST PLACE!! This is the thing I have said time after time. Don't give me pills, figure out what will make me better!
The bad part is that I really want to be mad at the doctors for acting this way and I can't! It's not their fault that this has come about. It's all those pill popping drug abusing quacks that go to the doctor only to get pain meds. Furthermore, I actually have a close relative who is one of these people. Someone, who is healthy and wasting their life with drugs. I am offended by that! I would just like to take a minute to thank them for making me feel like some kind of criminal every time I have to go to the doctor with pain! THANKS YOU JACKASSES!
Anyway that was my crazy little rant!