Saturday, December 8, 2012

Late Night annoyance

I have learned so well to despise the night
It's become so lonely and sad
There's no such thing as sleep when you're health isn't right
I lie in bed for hours not believing I can feel this bad
When will it end when will it stop
I feel like life is a trick
My health balloon has been popped
I'm so tired of being sick
If I woke up healthy I'd be really shocked
Something must be terribly amiss
To not have to see so many docs
I have now become accustomed to feeling like this
I Try to lessen others worry all the while
The end of the tunnel, the light is very small
I'm trying to keep going I try to just smile
I just hope I'm strong enough to make it through it all

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mama Leah

This is for you Mama Leah! Short and sweet I love you and you are awesome, that is all! Lol

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Long time no blog

I know it's been forever since I've posted and I'm sorry for that. There's been a lot going on recently, and I haven't been able to make it to my computer much. I now have a mobile app, so you should start seeing a lot more from now on!
I hope you all are doing well! I just wanted to check in and of course share some storing I've been working on. I recently wrote something about someone very close to me who was struggling with drug addiction and some various other issues. It started out as random thoughts and somewhere along the way it turned into a song. The whole thing is true and in happy to say it has a somewhat happy ending because this person is clean now but is dealing with all over the after math. I hope you guys like it, it's called "Lost"


I miss the days when you were my best friend,
Now I'm watching the life you knew come to an end
I remember when we would laugh about nothing at all
Little did I know, how far you would fall
I miss you so much and don't know where things went wrong
I just keep hoping you won't be confused for too long
I want to lift the veil that's clouding your vision,
I'm stuck here remembering all your forgettin
Time keeps ticking while life passes by
I know you can beat this if only you'd try
I'm plagued with frustration you can't see the cost
Of all the time you're wasting being so lost

There was a time when I saw such warmth in your face
Now fear and addiction has taken it's place
It hurts me to see you are in so much pain
If I could take it away you'd never see it again
I kept thinking I could love you into putting it down
It's just so painful not having you around.

I never thought I would see you this way
You've forgotten how to live, I never thought I'd see that day
I want so bad to help you leave that ugly place
It seems like you don't even recognize my face
I know you can beat it if that's what you want,
When you make that choice I'll be there right up front
You have lifted the veil that clouded your vision
Now you can see all that you were forgettin
Life is no longer passing you by
You've overcome the odds cause you don't want to die.
Your eyes are open and you see the cost
Of all the time you've wasted being so lost