Saturday, February 5, 2011


Stop this pain, I just want to be free,
why can't you just take out what's poisoning me,
I want all this to stop I just want to live,
The people around me just continue to give,
I'm thankful for others and all of their love,
I'm especially thankful for the one up above,
I feel so cooped up as if in a small cage,
It's like my body is mad at me and it's filled up with rage,
Just to be normal and feel like the old me,
to me doesn't seem an unrealistic plea,
Just a short time of being free of pain,
Almost makes me feel healthy again,
Then the next day I feel so bad
and again I'm right back to feeling so sad,
Sometimes I feel that lupus makes me the only,
but we are all bound together and shouldn't ever feel lonely,
I'm so thankful for all the family and friends,
They are a big part of the reason I keep looking ahead,
I just want to lay down and sleep the pain away,
Of course I can't sleep because lupus plays a cruel game,
I think this was put on me because of the strength I have inside,
somedays I don't feel strong I just want to run and hide,
I don't know how I'm lucky enough to be surrounded totally with love,
Once again that's where HE comes in, the one up above.


Monique said...


I wish we never knew the feelings that spark the late night thoughts.

Rosie said...

Agreed! I also think that these feelings led me to meet great people so It's kind of mixed feelings for me. lol

FaLanYa said...