Monday, January 31, 2011


Sitting here watching the clock, as it continues to tick,
Time's moving forward and I'm still sick,
When I feel good it seems time moves so fast,
When I don't it takes forever to pass,
I don't know exactly when time became my enemy,
I pray that a cure will soon be revealed to me,
I see so many things I would love to do,
IT seems unfair that I never have enough "spoons"
I have wonderful friends and a great family,
Why won't this disease just let me be free,
Some days I feel lost as if in some cruel maze,
So many drugs just keep me in a constant haze,
I feel so trapped by something unseen,
Stuck behind the car window and I'm the bumble bee,
I wish I could see the end to this pain,
It's not very fun being surrounded by rain,
I still keep trying every day is a new day,
Just some are really bad and some are okay,
Sometimes I feel like I'm not moving forward,
but I know there's a cure we are all working toward.