Monday, October 31, 2011

Glass Half Full

I drove down to the store in Lancaster 2 weeks ago to pick up some packing tape for the boxes we were packing. I remember feeling stressed and sad that we were losing the house due to the fact that I've been sick and unable to work.
As I was leaving the parking lot I saw a woman standing there holding a sign that said, "Family in need please help." I am a compassionate person but I've seen people holding signs a million times and I have never felt compelled to stop. For some reason I couldn't get this woman out of my head. I went back later and gave her 2 bags of food. There has been debate around town whether this woman was a drug addict or just plain lazy, but something compelled me to give her food. No matter what anyone says, I feel I did the right thing because that's what God put on my heart to do.
I think about how upset I've been about losing my house and after seeing her I just feel stupid. I am blessed enough to have family that have taken us in. My mother and Father in law took us into their home without thinking twice. It makes me wonder where I would be if I didn't have family as good as them, Would I be forced to stand on the corner with a sign in order to survive? How can I not pay forward when so many people have helped me? How many times would I have to endure people driving by screaming for me to get a job because I "Don't Look Sick." Would I be strong enough to swallow my pride and do that.
As I adjust to living with my in laws, I can't help but think of that woman, and feel so blessed. I am lucky to have people around me who will always be there for me. Think about your life and ask yourself if you have that same blessing. If not I strongly urge you re-evaluate who is in your life.
I looked at losing my house as such a loss. I felt like such a loser. Looking at it now, even when I was healthy I was struggling to pay for that house and we didn't even particularly want to live there. Maybe this is God giving me an opportunity to have a fresh start and truly be the person that I want to be.