Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Lucky" Ode to Mo

Sometimes it's hard for me to keep moving forward,
I know that I'm lucky to have someone to look toward,
I try to keep going, but often I fall,
I'm lucky because I always have someone to call,
I tend to be hardened and not quick to trust,
I'm lucky because in my life, she has become a must,
She's seen more pain and heartache than any one person should endure,
Somehow she continues to think of others more,
I'm amazed at her heart, strength and courage,
I'm blessed because she keeps me from being discouraged,
I'm lucky because since the day she came into my life,
She saved me from myself and all my inner strife,
It's a blessing to have a friend who helps to keep your dreams,
Especially from a friend who's face you've never really seen,
I've been abandoned by friends and even family,
I'm lucky because no matter what she's always right there for me,
I pray for the day, when again she will dance,
I treasure that I'm head over heel, in our "homance",
My hero doesn't wear a cape or have the ability to fly,
She simply sits back and listens whenever I need to cry,
I wish I could stop the pain that causes all her tears,
She's always been beside me when I've had to face my fears,
I wish I could take your pain from you and throw it all away,
I would take it on myself if it meant you would have a good day,
She never makes fun of the fact that I'm slightly burly,
She just fights it off with pink bandanas and everything else that's girly,
It says a lot about someone, who's been faced with things most can't fathom,
To be selfish or not think of others is something she cannot imagine,
Whenever I need strength she seems to always have some to spare,
A friendship like the one she's given me is just beyond compare,
To wrap it all up into one simple end,
I thank God every day that I'm lucky enough to be able to call her my friend!


Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ♥ Monique ♥Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ said...

thank you

I would say that you have no idea how much I needed this today, but that's a lie. You know all too well how much I need this today.

You are all of that to me and more. I am so thankful that I know you. You are one of the very few people that I trust with all my heart, that I trust to keep my secrets, that I trust enough to cry in front of.