Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just one of those days..

As many of you know, living with a chronic illness is an evil roller coaster ride that you can never get off! I never really thought much about how hard it would really be. If you had asked me 10 years ago if there would ever be a time, where I would be limited with what I can do I would have laughed you right in your face and given you a very "colorful" answer. I have always been a typical go go go I'll sleep when I'm dead type of person. I would literally "spring" out of bed in the morning and do a whole day of work and then do a million activities after. There were very few days when I even sat down before it was time to go to bed.
Many of you regularly read my blog so I'm not gonna bore you with what you already know, but I've been having a rough go of it lately. I didn't realize what an emotional toll being sick takes on you. I feel like a totally different person now than I did 8 months ago, and I find many of us are going through this same thing.
Well my friends, I had "one of those days" today.
It all started at 3AM when the tornado sirens started going off and the wind sounded as if it would rip the side of my house off. A normal person's first thought is, "Wow I better get to the basement." Not this chick. I sat by the window and watched what was going on very closely because I knew that going down the stairs to get to the basement would hurt, because my knees are swollen and my stomach hurts so bad.
So I finally got to sleep at about 5AM. I was awakened at 9:30 by the husband walking in the door from work. (he's not supposed to get home until 3PM or so) So again, I was woke up. He got sent home early without pay because there was a power outage and the power never came back on. Normally this would be kind of a good thing, but given the fact that I'm unable to work right now, not so much.
So then, I had a rheumatologist appointment today. (enter scary movie sound effects here) So I go in there and find out that I have joint damage that I wasn't aware of before and I have to go back on the methotrexate shot. I know a couple of people who are on it as well, but for some reason my body hates it. So now I must inject myself with liquid fire that makes me feel like a puddle for 2 days after I take it.
I would never wish my pain on anyone, but the next person who gives me the "but you don't look sick" comment, I am going to punch them in the head and the stomach, then smack them in the face, then kick them in the knee. While they are down I am going to tie them down and say,"now, get up and go on with your day." When they say they don't think they can I am going to say, "Why not? You don't look sick."


♥ Messy Happiness ♥ said...

I'm sorry sweetie. I wish there was something that I could do to make you get better.

I have learned that only stupid people who are too busy to educate themselves are the ones who seem to think it's ok to put their 2 cents worth of foolishness into the conversation.

It's gonna get better. I just know it. I don't know when, but I know it's gonna happen.

Don't punch, you'll only make your hands hurt worse. Use a cane, a skillet, a hammer, a wooden spoon, anything but your hands.