Monday, December 15, 2014

Alone (Poem)

Again, I know I write downer poems, but it's how I get my feelings out. Hope you can take something from this.  God Bless! 


I hate the way that I look,
Can't stand the way I am,
Struggling to keep it all sealed up, 
Inside my head like a can.
My life has lost all meaning,
In fact it makes no sense,
Nothing to show for my life for years,
But a body and mind of dents.
Why can't I escape this madness, 
How long is it going to take,
For me to get back self respect,
Or end it for sanity's sake?
Perhaps I'll go crazy,
I may never break free,
Perhaps I AM just useless,
This isn't the life for me.
Some say that I'm not trying,
Or that I'm just a waste,
The sad part is I agree,
But the words have bitter taste.
I feel alone and scared,
And worth nobody's time,
If I can't justify it myself,
How could others value my life?
I don't know how to escape it,
Feeling totally off the rails,
Never can I speak the words,
My mind is terribly frail.
People try to help me,
They try so hard to care,
I won't talk to those around me,
It would only make them scared.
I hate to be this person,
I'm nothing but dead weight,
Ones I love are left to carry, 
Will I ever escape this fate?
I try hard to remember, 
Others have more pain,  
I'm afraid to voice my thoughts, 
Cause the truth would be too plain.
All it would do is scare them,
The ones I love so dear,
I already cause too much pain,
And even too much fear.
My desire to explain,
Is the intention of this poem,
I hate feeling so empty, 
Living my life in my head. ALONE!